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10 Burning Questions Foundation Season 3 Needs To Answer


  • Foundation season 3 needs to address the consequences of the Spacers abandoning the Empire, as it leaves them without a reliable way to traverse the galaxy.
  • The First Foundation will need to find a new home after the destruction of Terminus, and it remains to be seen whether their new world will be familiar.
  • There is the potential for a meeting between the holographic and organic versions of Hari Seldon, which could have significant implications for the story.

Foundation has some big questions to answer when it returns, with season 3 being pivotal in the centuries-long struggle between Empire and Hari Seldon. Foundation season 3 needs to address some of the biggest loose ends in the show so far. Even just the ending of Foundation season 2 created new scenarios for which the next installment needs to provide solutions.

Starting in 2021, Foundation is a space opera based on a series of books by Isaac Asimov. Since Foundation season 1, the show has reveled in uncertainty and half-answers, so there is never a shortage of intrigue. However, the questions are starting to outnumber the answers on a huge scale, and Foundation season 3 is the perfect time to provide some explanations.

10 How Will Empire Traverse The Galaxy Without Spacers?

They were a huge loss for the Imperial fleet

In the Foundation season 2 finale, Hober Mallow led a coup that ended in the Spacers turning on Empire. The implications of the Spacers abandoning the Genetic Dynasty are enormous. Foundation‘s Spacers are a man-made subspecies of humans who have been augmented to remain conscious during a light-speed jump. Without their services, Empire finds itself without a reliable way to traverse the galaxy. There are other ways to navigate a jump without Spacers, but Empire does not currently have access to them. As such, the grip on their galactic domain could slip.

Foundation season 2 led to Empire discovering the Foundation had access to light-speed travel, shattering the belief that they were the only ones.

9 Where Will The First Foundation End Up After The Destruction Of Terminus?

The group requires a new home in Foundation season 3

10 Burning Questions Foundation Season 3 Needs To Answer

The battle over Terminus ultimately led to its destruction at the hands of Brother Day. While Terminus was the home of Seldon’s First Foundation, most of the population survived the planet’s fiery demise. Foundation season 2 shows the First Foundation safe and sound, drifting through space inside Hari Seldon’s mysterious Vault. The Vault is capable of traveling under its own power, so it will likely head to a new planet for its inhabitants to call home. The mystery becomes whether the First Foundation’s new world will be familiar.

8 Will The Two Versions Of Hari Seldon Meet?

Seldon exists as a hologram and as an organic being

Seldon is a famously enigmatic man, and his journey through the first two seasons of Foundation has compounded that fact. Although Seldon has already been shown to have perished, that doesn’t mean the mathematician is dead. Not only has an AI form of Seldon returned to the land of flesh and blood, but another digital version of the man still exists within the Vault. Despite the huge time jump between Foundation seasons 2 and 3, the organic Seldon should survive the gap due to the wonders of sci-fi preservation technology. As such, he could conceivably have a run-in with his holographic counterpart.

7 Has Lady Demerzel Learned To Read The Prime Radiant?

Cleon I’s only true heir has a new tool

Laura Birn with tears in her eyes as Demerzel in the Foundation season 2 finale.

The Prime Radiant is what holds all of Seldon’s psychohistory calculations. Essentially, it contains the potential fate of the galaxy. The information stored within is so complex that only a select few stand a chance of interpreting it. The device can also be in two places at once, and one of those places is in the hands of Lady Demerzel. Although Demerzel admits in the finale of Foundation season 2 that she is not yet capable of making sense of the Prime Radiant, she also claims she will be able to before long.


8 Foundation Characters, Ranked By How Powerful They Will Be In Season 3

The struggle for power is shared by many characters in Foundation. From Hari Seldon to Lady Demerzel, however, the type of power they hold varies.

Given her fierce intelligence, intense resolve, and robot nature, it’s likely that Demerzel will indeed be able to read the Prime Radiant by the time Foundation season 3 begins. If so, then the fate of both the First and Second Foundation may change course. The fact that Lady Demerzel has the Prime Radiant means her Empire has the potential to turn the turn of its war with Seldon in a way that could be irreversible.

6 Will Gaal Dornick Finally Meet The Mule?

The two have been destined to face off for a while

The Mule choking Gaal Dornick in Foundation

The Mule is a Mentallic warlord who, so far, has been trapped in the future and poses no immediate threat. Gaal Dornick has perceived the Mule through time, with the Mule reciprocating the act and awaiting her arrival. During her visions, Gaal witnessed the horrors for which the Mule will be responsible. Although Gaal and the Mule have had brief spells of communication over time, it’s not been possible for them to physically meet until Foundation season 3. Both Hari Seldon and Gaal Dornick will make it through the time jump between seasons 2 and 3, so the likelihood of Gaal running into the Mule has increased.

5 What State Will The Genetic Dynasty Be In?

The Cleons are in decline

Cleon I started the Genetic Dynasty with the intention of its eternal rule, but its ultimate fate continues to get worse and worse. The manipulation of the host DNA by an unknown insurgent has led to the progressive instability of all the Clone Emperors, and each generation has been acting more and more erratic as a result. All the active clones in Foundation season 2 either fled or met their end. This left Lady Demerzel in the unique position of having to decant three new clones at once, none of which would be aware of their predecessors’ fates.

Foundation season 3 will take place over 150 years after the season 2 finale, so between four and five new clones will have been decanted and started their cycle on the thrones. If the DNA of Cleon I has continued to deteriorate as it has, the Dynasty’s days could be numbered. Although Demerzel has been revealed to be the one who is truly in charge, that doesn’t prevent a reckless Cleon from derailing her plan.

4 Will The Child Of Cleon XVIII Have Any Descendants?

Their lineage would allow them to take the Imperial throne

Brother Dawn and Sareth in Foundation season 2's finale

The Genetic Dynasty is threatened in multiple ways going into Foundation season 3. Among the issues, there could be a disruption to the line of succession. The season 2 finale saw Cleon VXIII and Queen Sareth I flee Trantor, with Sareth carrying the child of Cleon VXIII. Although both prospective parents showed no interest in the throne, any descendants that emerge following the 152-year gap between seasons would have a legitimate claim to the title of Emperor due to their lineage as the offspring of Cleon VXIII.

3 Is Tellem Bond Really Dead?

Bond has deceived everyone before

Tellem Bond looking welcoming in Foundation season 2

A powerful Mentallic in Foundation season 2, Tellem Bond seemingly perished when Salvor Hardin intervened during Bond’s attempted transfer of her consciousness to Gaal’s body. However, Bond’s death wasn’t all it appeared, and she tried to land the final blow to Gaal from the body of one of the community’s young boys. If Bond can fool everyone into thinking she has met her end once, she could do it again and come back in Foundation season 3.

2 Is Hari Seldon’s Plan On The Right Track?

He may need to adjust course to stay ahead of Demerzel

The Prime Radiant and Hari Seldon in Foundation season 2

Psychohistory is nothing if not complex and changeable. As a result, what seems to be fate one minute becomes a failed theory the next. Seldon’s plan to shorten the coming darkness depends on his calculations being correct. While his facts and figures may be right, all it takes is the rogue actions of an outlier to derail the information stored in the Prime Radiant. Now that Lady Demerzel has the Prime Radiant, she has access to all of Seldon’s original calculations, which could spell doom for both Foundations.

1 Could Salvor Hardin Return?

Other Foundation characters have come back from the dead

Salvor Hardin stands against the backdrop of a clouded sky in Foundation

From the Cleons to Hari Seldon, death doesn’t need to be a permanent condition in the world of Foundation. Although Hardin is shown to have died on-screen in Foundation season 2, there’s always the possibility that she returns. Gaal has seen Salvor die in the future at the hands of the Mule, which could still be how the former Terminus Warden meets her end. Even if it’s not the original version of Salvor who appears in Foundation season 3, her resurgence in some form remains a possible eventuality.

The first two seasons of Foundation are available to stream on AppleTV+. There is currently no release date set for Foundation season 3.

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