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Art in the Gardens: a weekend of painting in nature in Waterford

After breakfast in the sun-filled dining room, it was back to Mount Congreve Gardens with our own bags filled with watercolour, brushes, ink pens and sketching pads for a day of sketching with Róisín Curé. After an introduction to her art we got immersed into our own masterpieces. We had a break at lunch and then nestled ourselves under the most beautiful canopy of magnolia trees studying the negative space and the relationships between objects. In only two days we got a glimpse into the close friendships and camaraderie of the plein air artists and were sad that the weekend came to an end.

Art in the Gardens: a weekend of painting in nature in Waterford

This was not my first Artform workshop, but it was every bit as inspirational as the first time. It was a weekend of art, inspiration and practice in the most magical surroundings. Artform runs two to five day workshops with leading Irish artists throughout the year that cater for everyone from beginners to experienced artists in their stunning seaside studio in Dunmore East.

The Art in the Gardens “Bucolica” Open Call exhibition is open daily at the Gallery, Mount Congreve.

Marlene Wessels was a guest of Artform. Photography by Marlene Wessels.