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Bowen Island seniors housing project returns for review

A long-imagined housing project which looked to have fallen to the wayside has new life following a reenvisioning of the design.

Snug Cove House, a proposed living space for seniors, was on the verge of breaking ground last summer when a sharp spike in construction costs forced building plans to be called off. But several months later a contractor approached Snug Cove House Society with ideas to revitalize the project. The society now has the funds to begin construction, and hopes to do so this year.

The building located at 1082 Miller Road would contain 24 one-bedroom units. To make the project possible financially the house will need several development variance permits (DVP), including those related to lot size, parking spots, and setbacks. Many of these have been granted by council in the past in anticipation of the house being constructed. But given some design changes, a new public consultation and review period is now underway.

A decision on the various DVP’s is expected at the April 9 council meeting. If the project proceeds a portion of the neighbouring lot would be used for a septic field.