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Burrow debuts Dunes, an all-new teak outdoor furniture collection

There’s nothing more promising than warm weather on the horizon. We made it! Finally, there’s some sunshine and a place to work other than our indoor desks.

So, it’s safe to say we’re all thinking of renovating our spaces with new outdoor dining sets and even outdoor pizza ovens for world-class, at-home entertaining. So, there’s no better time than premium furniture brand Burrow to unveil a hot-off-the-presses assortment that’s consciously made well.

Meet the Dunes Collection, Burrow’s gracious leap into the top-of-the-line teak materials. Made to withstand the elements, this new furniture portfolio makes it easy to outfit an entire outdoor space regardless of the size.

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Specifically, it maintains a mid-century-influenced design across a range of products including seating, sun loungers dining and more. As we said, there’s nothing like celebrating the warm weather ahead — and this collection is the ultimate portrait of R&R bliss.

Burrow debuts Dunes, an all-new teak outdoor furniture collection

Made with durable, all-weather-resistant fabric and FSC teak, the Burrow Dunes Teak 8-Piece U-Sectional is one of our favorites from the collection. It upholds the brand’s mission to create that sense of luxury, comfort and durability to furnish your space, with teak that’s considered to be the “gold standard in weather-ready wood,” per the brand.

Moreover, when we consulted interior design experts about outdoor patio furniture, they all said to invest in high-quality pieces so you buy once and don’t cry later. Teak is also one of the most durable materials that doesn’t require much maintenance.

“Each of our collections are rooted in utilizing the highest performance materials to meet our customers’ needs,” Stephen Kuhl, CEO and co-founder of Burrow, shared with the New York Post. “Premium teak, quick-dry foam, and all-weather fabric like this are usually associated with high price tags, but, unlike other brands, our unique ability to engineer products to ship efficiently in compact packaging enables us to bring this collection to our customers at an astonishingly competitive price.”

The collection offers a wealth of customizable configurations to fit every outdoor space, including classic standalone chairs to 8-piece U Sectionals. This allows shoppers flexibility when purchasing units and if they desire to purchase additional units in the future to expand their outdoor entertaining hub.

Embodying Burrow’s Relay Outdoor Collection launched in 2023, the cushions on Dunes Seating are made with premium, quick-dry foam and wrapped in all-weather fabrics. You won’t have to worry about storage, either; the collection can be disassembled and stored flat in the winter.

We also love the new Dunes Sun Lounger, clad with the same FSC-certified Grade A teak and all-weather cushions. It can be adjusted into multiple positions which is ideal for the summer nap we’re all looking forward to. Or, you can crack open one of the best books we reviewed.

Burrow Dunes Sun Lounger

Dunes Seating is available in two fabric colors on natural teak frames – Sand and Charcoal – to create a resort-style, luxury leaning space. Burrow also offers custom-fit, water-resistant covers to protect the furniture from the elements when not in use.

“At its core, this collection embodies a contemporary and timeless feel,” Stephen Bowen, senior furniture designer at Burrow, said. “The design lines of each piece are inspired by fine craftsmanship and reinterpret classic silhouettes with round curves – emulating a surfboard. We’ve taken into consideration what customers truly want when it comes to their outdoor furniture like wide armrests to perfectly hold a refreshing beverage.”

Oh, and Burrow doesn’t disappoint with its traditional dining options. The perfect complement to any seating arrangement, the Dunes Dining Table lends itself to large outdoor gatherings that’ll serve you well for years of happy-go-lucky use.

Burrow Dunes Teak Dining Set

The table within the Burrow Dunes Teak Dining Set is almost ten inches longer than Burrow’s debut outdoor dining table, Relay. As the ideal centerpiece for alfresco entertaining, the large and well-made table is one we’re glossing over. You can even opt for the new “Dunes Teak Dining Set, Table with 2 Benches” offering ($2,297) that includes a Pinterest-inspired outdoor bench.

Delivery couldn’t be smoother. The entire Dunes Collection ships for free in easy-to-carry boxes, allowing the shipping and delivery experience to be streamlined, simple and stress-free. We’re not waiting long to add items to our wishlists as this new drop is sure to accentuate the restful, elevated vibe you want in your home.

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