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Cabin Radio establishes Canadian Race Relations Foundation fellowship

Cabin Radio has established a media fellowship with funding made available by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

The CRRF is a Crown corporation “mandated to raise public awareness of the causes and manifestations of racism in Canada.”

Its Media Fellowships program is newly created. Cabin Radio is among 10 organizations awarded a total of $775,000 between them “to build toward a more inclusive and diverse media landscape in Canada,” the CRRF said in a press release this week.

Cabin Radio’s inaugural media fellow is Tłı̨chǫ journalist and broadcaster Kaylee Nitsiza, whose previous freelance reporting includes this Cabin Talks podcast episode with NorthSideBaby, a rap artist from northern Alberta’s Dene Tha’ First Nation who performed in the NWT earlier this year.

“Investing in the careers of young journalists is not only an investment in their growth, but an investment in envisioning a society that includes so many more through new storytelling and more diverse perspectives,” the CRRF stated.

Cabin Radio establishes Canadian Race Relations Foundation fellowship


Cabin Radio is supported by the Northern Journalism Training Initiative and Journalists for Human Rights in offering training and development throughout the course of the fellowship.

“We’re grateful to the CRRF for the opportunity to create this position,” said Cabin Radio’s Ollie Williams. “As a small organization, this funding helps us to grow our capacity and learn more about how we can best offer training and development to northerners who see their future in journalism and the media.”

The CRRF was created by the Government of Canada in 1996 as part of an agreement that addressed the trauma endured by Japanese Canadians during and after World War II. More than 22,000 Japanese Canadians were forcibly removed and incarcerated by the Canadian government in the 1940s.

The CRRF’s work has since broadened. It now describes its mission as to “create systemic solutions and advance public policy on anti-racism through partnership engagement, creating awareness and mobilization.”