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The Gardener’s Contribution

One look at our home and it is obvious that we have a passion for greening the world. Green spaces can be city parks and boulevards, but also include community gardening plots, shade producing plantings near buildings and green roofs. One can even grow vines that will flower, produce food and shade sun-drenched zones like large windows, decks and patios, walkways and entrances. And let’s not to forget to mention the water gardens, vegetable gardens and green roofs as well.

When we bought our first home, a fixer upper, we turned that abused ex-rental to a little green cottage oasis filled with trees, shrubs, flowers and food-producing gardens. It was featured in a small local magazine and also the local paper at the time. That was 11 years ago. We have since done the same to our property here too, totally changing this home and property to the point that it is no longer recognizable to people who rented here a dozen years ago. It was a thrill to have our certified wildlife habitat, bee-friendly property featured in the I Love Creston magazine a few years ago.

If you do a search online, you’ll find we are so passionate about this that we’ve written countless articles, hosted many dozens of radio broadcasts on the subject, have been invited to do interviews sharing our advice and more. And through all of this, hoping that we have inspired others to green up their spaces too.

Plants do more for us than feed us and cool our homes. Perennial shrubs, plants and trees help mitigate climate change by absorbing pollutants like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides – releasing clean oxygen into the air. They will also filter dust from busy roads and reduce soil erosion on farmlands. They reduce UV-B rays (which causes

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