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City to offer free house plans

A 3D rendering of a free construction house plan for a 1,500 square foot bungalow to be offered by the city’s development services department. [Courtesy City of Maricopa]

Maricopa is taking a unique step toward affordable housing.  

The city will begin offering a program next year that provides free construction house plans for residents in the Heritage District, according to Development Services Director Rodolfo Lopez. 

Lopez presented the program during last week’s city council meeting, showing off three different elevations for pre-approved construction plans. The program includes a standard three-bedroom, two-bath house that measures approximately 1,500 square feet.  

“There’s some benefits to this as well and we believe the produce can definitely enhance the community design within the neighborhood to meet the spirit, requirements or guidelines of the Heritage District,” Lopez said.  

It’s a unique program, according to City Manager Rick Horst.  

“When Rudy [Lopez] first presented this to our senior leadership team, I didn’t know of anything like this in the nation,” he said. “I think this is a significant opportunity for us to lead the way.” 

The program would allow prospective homeowners to bypass the red tape and save thousands of dollars on impact fees, plan reviews and architecture costs.  

While the program will first become available to residents in the Heritage District, it will eventually expand to other residents.   

The department is finalizing program requirements and anticipates it will be ready by Jan. 2.