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Cleaning expert shares shockingly simple hack to rid furniture and clothes of pet hair: ‘This is brilliant!’

Pet owners know the struggle all too well: You invest hours of time and buckets of elbow grease, but stubborn pet hair still clings to your rug or couch. What gives?

Thankfully, one ingenious hack making the rounds on Instagram reveals how to easily remove deep-set pet hair from fabrics using an item you likely already own.

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The scoop

The trick comes courtesy of organization influencer Lela Burris (@lelaburris), who posted a video demonstrating how to use a rubber cleaning glove and running water to scrape away stubborn fur.

As Lela explains, simply slip on a rubber glove, wet it thoroughly under a faucet, then run your gloved hand across any upholstered surface — couches, pet beds, stairs, etc. (Lela demonstrates on a well-loved cat tree). The water allows fur to let go of fabrics and cling to the textured glove instead. Rinse and repeat (literally) until the area is fur-free.

“I’ve tried every gadget and vacuum on the market for pet fur, and nothing stands up to a cheap rubber glove,” Lela says. “A damp rubber glove removes fur better than any vacuum.”

How it’s helping

This glove trick removes pet hair quickly and without frustration, eliminating the hassle of lugging out a bulky vacuum or breaking the bank on special de-furring tools. Simply use an item most people already have — a basic rubber glove — and a bit of water. Saving time provides more opportunities for pet play and snuggles.

Plus, reducing reliance on single-use de-furring products keeps excess waste out of landfills, where it pumps out planet-warming pollution as it breaks down. Money-saving alternatives to popular cleaning products — like using newspaper to wash windows or swapping fabric softener with vinegar — can reduce plastic usage around the home while being just as effective and often safer. 

Just imagine how many ineffective “de-furring” tools can be left on store shelves in favor of items most people already have.

What everyone’s saying

With a free or low-cost reusable glove and tap water, pet parents now have an easy, affordable method to manage fur and maintain cleaner living spaces. Commenters with shedding pets at home are thrilled with the hack’s simplicity and effectiveness.

“I can’t tell you how many “fur erasing” tools and vacuums I’ve gone through in my lifetime before I realized a damp cloth/damp duster or even a hair brush in a bind is the best tool for pet fur,” said one.

Others echoed the sentiment, pledging to finally eliminate pet hair buildup in the home and workplace. “This is brilliant!” said another. “I clean for a living and dog hair is the bane of my existence.”

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Cleaning expert shares shockingly simple hack to rid furniture and clothes of pet hair: ‘This is brilliant!’