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ErgoAV Introduces the Tilt Mount ERMTL3-01B Adjustable Mounting System

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ErgoAV Introduces the Tilt Mount ERMTL3-01B Adjustable Mounting System

ErgoAV, an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic furniture and solutions recently unveiled its latest innovation in mounting technology: the Extend & Tilt Mount ERMTL3-01B. Engineered to support TVs ranging from 46” to over 100”, and 160lb capacity, this mounting system sets a new standard for versatility and ease of use. 

Unlike competing mounts that require reaching above and behind the display to level the TV, the ERMTL3-01B features a top-of-the-line adjustment mechanism that’s accessible from the side. This one-of-a-kind design allows for smooth, easy installation for difficult placements, like above fireplaces and streamlines the leveling process to ensure hassle-free set-up and maintenance. 

The Tilt Mount ERMTL3-01B is designed with user ergonomics in mind, featuring several innovative features to enhance television viewing, like the 15-degree tilt reducing glares and allowing users to position their TVs at an optimal viewing angle.

“This new tilt mount was created to address common installation challenges installers and DIYers experience when mounting their displays,” said Bill Pantaleo, ErgoAV’s VP of Sales. “We’re immensely proud that we’ve created a solution that not only simplifies installations but also improves the overall viewing experience with all of its customizable features.”

Equipped with extension capabilities for ample space to connect cables and magnetic pull tabs that easily tuck away to ensure they are out of view, installing the Tilt Mount ERMTL3-01B is simple and quick while creating sleek results for every living space.

The ERMTL3-01B is available starting at $149.99. To learn more about ErgoAV’s innovative mounting system technology, please visit



About ErgoAV

ErgoAV is a leading provider of ergonomic solutions for modern workplaces, offering a wide range of products designed to promote health, comfort, and productivity. Its products include sit-stand desks, monitor arms, TV mounts, AV furniture, and more, designed to help users work smarter, not harder. ErgoAV is committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service, ensuring its customers satisfaction and well-being. Learn more at