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Fine Furniture students showcase functional art

Graduating students from the Fine Furniture program at Camosun College are showcasing their learning in a public gallery with a display of unique seating they have designed and built.

Three students - two female and one male - are in a fine furniture classroom. One student is kneeling and the other two are standing. It looks like they have stopped work on projects to smile and pose for a photograph.

Camosun College

Students from the Fine Furniture program are getting ready for the final capstone

The exhibition titled Intention & Grit at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill launches on June 19 and runs until July 14. A reception between 7pm and 9pm on the opening night on June 19 will provide the opportunity to engage, celebrate, meet and be inspired by the students behind the work.

“The capstone project features chairs because they can be one of the most challenging woodworking forms to master. Every chair on display echoes the skill, talent and vision of its creator that was developed throughout a journey of creative discovery.”

Sandra Carr, program leader and instructor in Fine Furniture.

All of the wood used this year in the chairs is Garry Oak from the Vancouver Island Woodworker’s Guild’s wood recovery program. The wood is local, and was recovered from urban trees that were dangerous, blown down, etc.

The 10-month program is full time and no prior work experience is required for this hands-on and theory-based course. Coming out of this program, many students find apprenticeships in furniture making, cabinetmaking, carpentry or adjacent trades.

Students in the Fine Furniture / Joinery Trades Foundation program learn about the history of furniture making, design and the environmental challenges that face the modern world. Students learn about the differing qualities of wood and how to create unique pieces that are just as much works of art as a functional chair to sit on.

The gallery is open to the public at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill, which is located at 3220 Cedar Hill Road. Admission is free. Hours vary so be sure to check the exhibition website before going.