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Goatboy’s 40K Hobby – Army Painter’s Warpaints Fanatic Mega Set Review

Goatboy here with a quick review of the new Army Painter Fanatic Warpaint line. Let’s get painting!

I got lucky to get a Mega Set box to review and have added a lot of their paints to my overall pile of paints to choose from.  As a model painter, I am always on the lookout for new paints, and I am thankful that there are a lot of good lines out there.  I am also thankful that there are great lines for those wanting to bulk paint and get an army ready to go on the tabletop as quickly as they can.  Thankfully, Army Painter does this well, so let’s talk about it.

Goatboy’s 40K Hobby – Army Painter’s Warpaints Fanatic Mega Set Review

Adam Abramowicz from Army Painter is a good friend of mine. Years ago, we met at the American Team Championship during the heyday of a new 40K edition going hard on Storm Ravens. His army was amazingly painted in Lamentor’s colors, while mine was a hodge-podge of stuff grabbed because the team needed me to play the Storm Raven build.  His army was also Storm Ravens, and while normally I believe in the rule that the better-painted stuff should wreck my off-color nonsense army, I ended up rolling to go first, shooting the crap out of his stuff, and won the game in the end.  

That started a pretty fun friendship where we talked about our upcoming kids, family, and just how awesome it is to paint miniatures.  He has had a pretty amazing journey from biking monster, running monster, and now the Army Painter company representative monster.

Adam has sent me a lot of Army Painter stuff, and I use a ton of it in my everyday painting.  My style goes hard in underpainting and just trying to get things done super fast, which is excellent for a ton of their products.  I’ve used most of their ranges and still continue to use a lot of them for all my armies.  Currently, the Army Painter Warpaint set is helping me get ready for some Chaos Space Marine armies, as well as continue going hard into some of my beloved Red Orks.

Painting Up a Mini Using Warpaints

Today, I want to show a model I painted fully with the colors only in the set.  This 50-color set did not have all the triads I might have wanted, but it did have enough of the nice bits to help get me started.  I randomly bought the new Terminator Captain and thought – why not make it into a Grey Knight Master for an army I have sitting around? I figured the Silver armor color would work well with the new Metallic colors and just let me do a nice job.

First sorry for the crazy pics showing the process.  This is from the madness that is one of my Goatboy painting desks with all the other ones covered in paint, models, and normal work nonsense.  I don’t know how I work in this mess sometimes, but there is something about the energy left in the piles of things that keeps me going at times.

Phase 1 – Priming

Here is the initial Prime for the model.  I use a pretty cheap Home Depot primer as it is cheap, easy to use, and works well in this Texas climate.  From there, I proceeded to slap some of the brown in the paint set on the base to match up with how most of my army is painted.  I didn’t do a lot, and while normally I would underpin more brown in this, I wanted to keep it simple.

Phase 2 – Primary Color Blocking

Here, you can see I started to throw on the new metals. One of his hip armor thingies looks weird, but it didn’t on the model. The new Warpaint has a different binder, so it comes out a lot more creamy in texture than other paints. But don’t let that creamy texture fool you—it is full of pigment and comes on very strong and opaque.

Between this and the Speed Paint Metallic, I think I can easily knock out a Muscle Mommies Adeptus Custodes army I might be slowly building as we speak. I also really love the color of Army Painter’s Greedy Gold, as it does well with brown/flesh-based watches and gives you a nice, rich color for picking out that bling.

Phase 3 – Secondary Color Blocking

Here, we get more of this basic color blocking in, adding reds, some clothing colors, and, of course, the skin colors.  It is pretty simple as, again, I am using the base paints.  I might have done more Red shade stuff, but I wanted to keep it simple again.  I also added stuff to the base, like a boss.

Phase 4 – Highlighting & Shading

Here, you can see I did some highlights on the metal and some shading on some other things. I also put on a wash, which is why he is sooo shiny. This is simple stuff to try and get more depth to it. I am trying to keep this down to an hour or so of paint just to utilize some of the Warpaint. It is going on pretty smoothly, and I think I probably should have done another layer or two and utilized a hair dryer or fan to drive stuff.

All Finished!

Here is a finished model on a white background.  The metal is super shiny and the pictures don’t do it justice.  Overall, the Army Painter Warpaint went on great. It was creamy, smooth, and super easy to use.  If you are looking at starting a painting or just want to build up your core set of basic colors – the Army Painter’s Fanatic line is a great thing. Plus, if you mix it up with the Speed Paints, you get a nice set of colors that are not going to destroy your wallet -and let you paint things both well and fast.

Right now, I am looking at what to do with a Muscles Mommies Custodes army, so you might see something about that in the future.

Happy Hobbying!

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