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How to Get a Wine Stain Out of Furniture

The holidays are right around the corner — and if you’re playing host this time of year, you can pretty much expect at least one wine-related accident. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.) While many of us certainly love to indulge in a glass of red wine on occasion, spilling it on a piece of furniture, like a gorgeous couch, can permanently ruin the fabric. That’s because wine contains a chromogen (or pigment) called anthocyanin, which is essentially responsible for its deep red hue. It’s the same chemical that lends red berries their bold colour. So, what can you do if red wine ends up on your furniture? Try these three expert cleaning tips for a quick wine stain fix that’ll put your mind at ease.


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How to Get a Wine Stain Out of Furniture
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Step #1: Blot the Wine Stain Immediately

Act fast, and resist the temptation to stare in shock and horror at the spillage. If you give the stain time to sit, it will inevitably embed itself into the fibres of your chair or couch. Grab a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and immediately start blotting the stain gently. Absorb as much of the wine as possible. (If the stain is already dry, it’s A-OK to introduce a bit of water on the cloth or paper towel before blotting to help with absorption.) However, be sure not to scrub at it furiously — this will only cause the stain to spread outwards and sink into the fabric.

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Step #2: The Magic Wine Stain Concoction

Once blotted with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel, use a combination of dry baking soda and a couple spritzes of vinegar. Make sure they are placed directly on the entire stain to thoroughly saturate the affected area. Let the treatment sit for about five to 10 minutes before blotting once again; if it’s bubbling up, then it’s working its magic.

Next, blot it gently again… this time with a damp cloth. If you’re still noticing some staining, repeat the above steps until it has completely disappeared.

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Step #3: Voila!

Once the treatment has been removed and the stain is officially gone, vacuum the spot to remove any remaining residue.

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Alternative Options for Removing a Wine Stain:

Don’t have any baking soda and/or vinegar on hand? Try the following combos for equally effective treatments:

  • Three parts hydrogen peroxide mixed with one part dish soap
  • Sprinkling the stain liberally with everyday table salt
  • Equal parts white vinegar and club soda

In each of these instances, let the mixture sit on the affected area for roughly 10 minutes before removing with a clean, slightly damp, cloth or paper towel.

Each combination will absorb the wine and gently lift the red colour away from the fabric… saving both your couch and your sanity.

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