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Island businesses matching donations up to $50K for Victoria Hospitals Foundation

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation is hoping to end the year on a high note for donations and is getting a boost in doing so from a local group.

The foundation says the GAIN Group of Companies, made up of a collection of businesses on Vancouver Island, will be matching donations up to $50,000 for the ‘Imaging is Power‘ fundraising campaign until Dec. 31.

The ‘Imaging is Power’ campaign is aiming to raise $11 million to fund and upgrade six pieces of medical imaging equipment at the Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals, which are both referral sites for all advanced care on Vancouver Island.

“We know that 500 scans happen daily at Victoria General and Royal Jubilee Hospital, so this is a campaign that touches so many people,” said Victoria Hospitals Foundation CEO Avery Brohman.

“Currently, we are trying to fundraise for a $2 million C-Arm for our cath lab,” she added.

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Island businesses matching donations up to K for Victoria Hospitals Foundation

A C-Arm device is shown. (Victoria Hospitals Foundation)

As of Dec. 21, some 3,200 people had raised nearly $6 million of the foundation’s $11 million goal.

The GAIN Group hopes its matching campaign will inspire other businesses and individuals to donate as well.

“We get about 10 years out of these pieces of equipment at this point, and now we’re up for replacement of one of them,” said Dr. Anthony Della Siega, an interventional cardiologist.

“The partnerships that Avery’s created with the public helps us get these needed pieces of equipment as rapidly as we need to, and allow us to have the best of the best to do the procedures we need to do,” he said.

Donations can be made on the Victoria Hospitals Foundation website.

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