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Jared Kushner Says He Has No Plans For White House Return If Trump Wins


Jared Kushner has no intention of returning to work at the White House if father-in-law Donald Trump wins November’s election, he told Axios at a Miami event on Tuesday, while also defending his business ties with the Saudi Arabian government.

Key Facts

Speaking on stage, Kushner dismissed the idea of rejoining the Trump administration in the event the Republican frontrunner wins the election, saying he was focused on working at the private equity firm he founded in 2021.

The former Trump adviser said he and his wife Ivanka enjoyed living in Florida with their children and being “out of the spotlight.”

Kushner said the present team around Trump is “maybe the best he’s ever had” with a lot of “very qualified people,” adding that the 2016 campaign was more akin to a family-run operation with even Republicans being against him.

Kushner served as a key adviser to Trump during his presidency and played a key role in the establishment of the Abraham Accords in 2020—to help normalize relations between Israel and several Arab countries.

News Peg

During the interview, Kushner lavished praise on controversial Saudi leader Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, calling him a “visionary leader.” Kushner said the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia had done a lot of things that “are in America’s interest,” and his actions have “made the world a better place.” When asked about the murder of journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi, Kushner refused to engage, asking: “Are we really still doing this,” before noting that he had not read the U.S. intelligence report that found bin Salman likely ordered the killing. In 2021, Kushner’s private equity firm Affinity Partners received $2 billion in an investment round led by Public Investment Fund (PIF), the Saudi sovereign wealth fund controlled by the Saudi leader. Kusher said the investments were done with laws and ethics rules in mind and called PIF one of the most “prestigious investors” in the world. Kushner pushed back on allegations of conflicts of interest and him leveraging his political ties to score the investment.

What We Don’t Know

Both Kushner and his wife Ivanka have remained distant from Trump’s 2024 campaign, unlike some of Trump’s other children including Don Jr. and Eric. Despite this, it is unclear if Trump will offer his son-in-law and daughter—both very close advisers during his last stint—another White House role.

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