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Kate Middleton Painting Fail Follows King Charles’

This year hasn’t exactly been a masterpiece for the British royal family and their portraits. First, King Charles’ gory Dracula-esque portrait had everyone in stitches (and not the artistic kind). Now, Kate Middleton is the latest royal to be skewered in the gallery of failed paintings.

On Wednesday (May 22), Tatler Magazine released its July 2024 cover with a portrait of the Princess of Wales by British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor.


  • A tough year for royal portraits, with both King Charles and Kate Middleton’s likenesses mocked.
  • Kate’s portrait by Hannah Uzor for Tatler’s July cover was heavily criticized.
  • Critics on X (formerly Twitter) expressed disappointment and disbelief over the depiction of Kate.

A first look at the issue, which will be on sale from 30 May, was shared on social media, where brutally honest critics lurk.

Hannah depicted the 42-year-old princess wearing a long white gown adorned with a sash and a yellow brooch. 

This year was tough for royal portraits, with King Charles’ Dracula-esque piece mocked and now Kate Middleton’s portrayal on Tatler‘s July cover

Image credits: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Image credits: tsaiproject

Kate’s attire is complemented by a regal cape that flows to the ground, adding an air of majesty, as her hair is styled neatly under a tiara.

The painter, known for her expressive and emotive portraiture, depicted the princess as composed and serene.

The background of the painting is a solid, deep blue, which contrasts the white of Kate’s dress and adds to the overall elegance of the portrait.

The Princess of Wales was painted by artist Hannah Uzor

Image credits: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Image credits: seuloupologa

Nevertheless, the artist’s signature vivid colors and embodiment of heritage failed to impress certain harsh X users (formerly known as Twitter):

“This looks nothing like the Princess of Wales. It’s so awful, it’s disrespectful.  Why did you choose an anti-monarchist to paint the Princess of Wales,” an observer remarked.

A person wrote: “Doesn’t look like Catherine at all. If she wasn’t wearing that dress I’d have no clue as to who it’s meant to be.”

Kate was depicted wearing a floor-length Jenny Packham white dress, which she wore with a blue ribbon wrapped around her at a state banquet in 2022

Image credits: tatlermagazine

Someone commented: “Are you kidding me? What is that rubbish of a painting? 

“Hope you won’t sell any of those trash copies … you must be joking!”

A viewer penned: “This is dreadful – somehow, I’m not sure the artist is a fan of the Princess – it looks like a bad GCSE project!”

The artist’s signature vivid colors and embodiment of heritage failed to impress certain critics

A respondent asked: “Where are they getting these artists/painters from? It’s like high school art class level at best.”

“The face is just not Catherine. Also, why does she appear to be hunched and not holding her back straight?” a netizen wondered.

A participant stated: “Dreadful: unrecognizable face, wrong shape, lopsided, no detail to the clothing.”

A contributed added: “Put different clothes on her, and no one would know that is supposed to be Catherine. It doesn’t look like her at all, not one little bit.”

A separate individual chimed in: “This picture is atrocious.”

In a clip shared by Tatler on X, Hannah was filmed explaining her process of creating the portrait and revealed she mainly relied on photographs and footage of Kate that she had reviewed.

A Charles III portrait revealed earlier this month sparked ridicule on social media

Image credits: theroyalfamily

The 42-year-old, whose portrayal of Sarah Forbes Bonetta was acquired by English Heritage,  was particularly inspired by a floor-length Jenny Packham white dress that Kate wore with a blue ribbon wrapped around her at a state banquet in 2022. 

The mom-of-three hasn’t been seen in public since attending the annual Christmas service at one of the royal residences, Sandringham, along with her husband, Prince William, on December 25, 2023.

Kate underwent a “planned” abdominal procedure, but after months of having seemingly disappeared from the eye of the public, the palace offered few updates on her health, leading to wild conspiracy theories

The “Where is Kate Middleton” saga ended on March 22, 2024, when the princess shared the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing “a course of preventative chemotherapy.”

Bored Panda has contacted Hannah for comment.

“They did her dirty,” a reader joked