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Kim Kardashian Sued for Fake Tables by Judd Foundation

Kim Kardashian Sued for Fake Tables by Judd Foundation

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

We’re currently in a dupe epidemic. Anyone with the right search term could nab a fake on AliExpress or buy a top from a retailer that suspiciously has a Shein tag. But now, the original victims of dupe culture are allegedly feeling its effects. I’m talking about the art world, by the way. The Donald Judd Foundation has accused Kim Kardashian of saying her tables and chairs were designed by the minimalist artist when they allegedly aren’t, the New York Times reports. “These Donald Judd tables are really amazing,” the reality and interior-design influencer says in a video filmed at her sparse Skkn by Kim office. “And totally blend in with the seats.”

In the suit filed on March 27, the foundation sued Kardashian for making false claims. Clements Design, the company behind the tables and chairs, is named in the suit for alleged trademark and copyright infringement. While attempting to settle the matter outside of court, the foundation tried to get the video deleted, the furniture “recycled,” and for Kardashian to release a statement regarding the matter. With those requests denied, they chose to sue. Clements Design and the Judd Foundation attempted to “resolve this issue amicably,” the retailer said in a statement to the Times, noting that there were “obvious key differences” between its design and Judd’s. The foundation “was unwilling to settle on reasonable terms.” “These claims have absolutely no merit,” Clements Design claims. The foundation pointed out an invoice description, reading “in the style of Donald Judd,” according to the report. “It is lower quality than Donald Judd’s furniture,” Megan Bannigan, a lawyer for the foundation, said in a statement. “We don’t want to be mixed up with Kim Kardashian. We respect what she does, but we don’t want to be involved with this.”

Plus, the furniture actually sold by the foundation is a key source of revenue, the foundation told the Times, and this drama could tarnish it. “Consumers are likely to believe Judd Foundation and the Donald Judd brand are connected or affiliated with, or otherwise sponsored or endorsed Ms. Kardashian,” lawsuit reads. “Judd Foundation categorically prohibits customers from using purchased Donald Judd furniture for marketing and promotional purposes.” If nothing else, this is a good chance for lawyer-in-training Kardashian to get some on-the-ground legal experience in copyright law.