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Lethal Company: How to Move Furniture

Lethal Company lets you purchase decorations and furniture to spruce up your ship. However, once it’s placed, how do you move it?

It’s fair to say that decorating your ship in Lethal Company may not be a top priority. After all, there are monsters lurking nearby, waiting to rip you to shreds. However, if you do decide to decorate your ship with furniture and the like, then you may want to know how to move it in case you decide to remodel. Fortunately, moving furniture in Lethal Company is incredibly easy. Below, we explain exactly how to do this, as well as how to rotate and store furniture.

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How to Move Furniture in Lethal Company

To move furniture in Lethal Company, go over to the item you want to move and press the B key. This will see you enter the edit mode, which allows you to move, rotate, and store any items. In this mode, a green outline of the object will showcase what it will look like once placed. To confirm the new placement, press B again. While you are shown the instructions for how to move furniture in Lethal Company once you buy your first piece, it can be easy to miss it. So, below, we’ve broken down the buttons needed to move furniture:

  • Press B to enter edit mode
  • To rotate furniture in edit mode, press R
  • To store an item in edit mode, press X
  • Press B to confirm any decisions made in edit mode

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Credit – PC Invasion

If you accidentally or purposefully store furniture in the edit mode, don’t panic. You can get it back by heading to your Terminal and typing in storage. Doing so will show you all of your stored items, and you simply need to type in the name of the item to have it returned to its original position.

That’s everything you need to know about moving furniture in Lethal Company. For more guides like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.