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Man busted for painting squirrels red

Putnam County, New York police have charged Mark Kuhn, 62, with poisoning animals after they determined he had spray-painted squirrels with red paint. Why?

“He said he didn’t want the squirrels in his backyard,” said Putnam County SPCA Chief Ken Ross. “It makes his dogs bark, and he felt by spray-painting them they wouldn’t come back. He’d also be able to know if it’s the same squirrels coming back.”

He sounds… nuts.

From the New York Post:

Ross said Kuhn allegedly trapped the harmless animals, stuck them in cages and sprayed them with apple red-colored Rust-Oleum Paint and Primer before cutting them loose about a quarter-mile away.

The department interviewed Kuhn over the weekend and charged him with three counts of poisoning or attempting to poison animals, a misdemeanor under New York State Agriculture and Markets Law.

image: Putnam County SPCA/Shutterstock

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