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NS PRODUCT’s furniture series retraces georgian architecture

take a seat, we are starting by NS PRODUCT


Tbilisi-based design studio NS PRODUCT launches its first-ever furniture collection dubbed Take a seat, We are starting. Drawing inspiration from Georgian roots, the studio’s aesthetic explores a marriage of heritage and modernity, paying homage to the country’s diverse culture. For this project, the process began with creating a table silhouette, mostly influenced by the architectural splendor of Georgian historical structures. The aesthetics of the table design served as starting point for additional items in the collection. ‘We believe that visitors will be inspired by the products’ uniqueness and simplicity of form, adding diversity to any space,’ shares NS PRODUCT. 

take a seat we are starting by ns product 5
all images courtesy NS PRODUCT



merging curves and lines to create shape-shifting furniture


One of the most significant products of the NS PRODUCT collection is the AN chair. A seemingly rigid and static silhouette made of straight and curved lines, it drastically changes appearance when produced with different materials, allowing it to serve not only as a chair but also as an intriguing, sculptural element that adds originality to any home décor. Meanwhile, the SAN chair unfolds as a strong variation of AN; its exceptionally high back draws the viewer’s attention, even radically altering its appearance. The team adds: ‘In our perspective, a chair with a 2-component metal belt backrest is more sculptural than its lower counterpart. It provides a genuinely different sensation in any kind of environment.’

take a seat we are starting by ns product 3
AN chair serves as a seating piece and sculptural element



Complementing the chair is the RAE dining table, with its substantial oak legs, joined together by cylinder-shaped stainless-steel pipes, replicating the AN chair’s curving profile. Transparent glass is used as the surface material to add contrast and visual lightness. Despite the resemblance of the basic outlines, NS PRODUCT wanted to make this volume more substantial as a whole, therefore opting for a decorative clay coating for the long chair’s surface and legs. This version is also made to be used outside.

take a seat we are starting by ns product 2
dubbed Take a seat, We are starting — the collection draws on Georgian roots



from metal and aluminum to natural wood


Working on one its interior design projects strongly influenced how this next product, SKIRA, is created. Designed as a wall art, it combines a set of geometric shapes alluding to a mix of symmetry and asymmetry, with recycled pressed paper, and both ornamental and practical metal pieces.  With its distinct color and texture, each element adds even more individuality to each composition that is produced. Lastly, GOBI is an attractive and practical house accent for all interior design styles. With its raw, unrefined covering and texture, the metal sphere carved from a single, large wooden component, uplifts viewer’s spirits. Natural wood, metal accents, decorative elements, and fabric covers are among the collection’s more prominent materials. ‘With a decorative coating that has an aluminum texture, the product can also be used outdoors,’ concludes NS PRODUCT. 

take a seat we are starting by ns product 9
RAE dining table

take a seat we are starting by ns product 8
SAN chair with its high back

take a seat we are starting by ns product 10
exploring a marriage of heritage and modernity

take a seat we are starting by ns product 7
oak legg joined by a steel pipe and topped with a glass surface for lightness

take a seat we are starting by ns product 11
SKIRA wall art and GOBI metal accent



project info:


name: Take a seat, We are starting
designer: NS PRODUCT

team: Nini Tchanturia, Rusudan Dushuashvili



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