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‘Painting Easter potatoes is the perfect spring craft’

Last year, families embraced a new craze, scrambling up their Easter traditions and painting Easter potatoes. This breakout trend had everyone hopping onboard, with media outlets from CNN to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” getting in on the fun. This year, Potatoes USA is providing an Easter how-to guide for families interested in taking part in this new twist on a classic tradition.

Painting Easter potatoes is the perfect spring craft. Potatoes are an affordable pantry staple. Because they last a long time, potatoes are a perfect showcase for artistic creations. The potato is also a durable canvas for younger (and more mess-prone) artists.

Parents interested in trying the activity can choose to paint with either food dye or real paint.

“Easter potatoes are an awesome spring activity, and if you use food coloring, you can even eat the potatoes when you’re finished decorating,” said Marisa Stein, director of marketing at Potatoes USA. “Plus, a medium-sized, skin-on potato has 620 g of potassium, which is more than a medium-sized banana! nearly one-third of the vitamin C we need each day and 3 grams of plant-based protein”

So, grab your paintbrush, your spud, your Easter bunny costume (that last one’s optional) and celebrate the holiday with your family, friends, and America’s favorite vegetable.

‘Painting Easter potatoes is the perfect spring craft’

How to paint Easter potatoes
Whether you use food dye or paint, it helps to:

  • Cover your workspace with newspapers or plastic tablecloths to enjoy the activity with minimal cleanup.
  • Consider using gloves to keep little hands clean from food dye or paint.

If you use food coloring, painting the food coloring directly onto the potato will result in the most vibrant color. Plus, you can cook your creations.

If you don’t want the color to rub off, and you’re happy keeping the potatoes purely decorative, a coat of hairspray can seal the color and keep the dye from bleeding.

For paint-based potato projects:

  • A white primer coat will make the colors pop!
  • Avoid watercolor paints, which won’t show up as well. “Acrylic” or “Tempera” paints will show up better on your tater canvas.
  • Look for non-toxic, washable paints.

Additional Easter potato activities
For more seasonal fun, parents can cut potatoes in half to create Easter stamps! Once halved, children can use a pen or marker to draw a shape or design on the potato’s flat edge. Adults can carefully cut around the drawing using a carving knife, leaving the raised shape on the potato. After the adults have finished carving, the little Picassos can paint the potato stamps and use their creations to make Easter-themed paintings on paper.

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