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Retro-Futurist Furniture Designs by Kikekeller

Kikekeller is a Madrid-based furniture and interior design studio. They produce really beautiful, mostly one-off furniture pieces with a unique, vintage-tinged aesthetic that defies easy explanation; they define their work as being “of a timeless nature and a retro-futurist concept.”

Retro-Futurist Furniture Designs by Kikekeller

“We custom design and manufacture all of our one-of-a-kind pieces,” the firm writes. “Tell us your ideas and surely we can make them come true.”

While their design studio and factory is located on the outskirts of Madrid, Kikekeller also maintains an active café, bar and showroom in the city proper. I am dying to visit this place.

“It is a setting of unique custom-made furniture and objects where anything is possible. A place where you can lose yourself for a long time, have a drink contemplating the thousands of details that await inside and enjoy the art exhibitions that offer us a new vision of space every two months.”

Check out more of their stuff on their Instagram.