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Sandals Foundation To Celebrate 15 Years With Solar Schools Project

Bruce Parkinson

Sandals Resorts International (SRI) will commemorate the anniversary of its non-profit arm, the Sandals Foundation, with a year-long campaign titled Empower 15. 

As part of this initiative, The Power of 15 project will harness the strength of the Caribbean sun to bring sustainable solar energy to Caribbean schools, ensuring a much needed power supply that allows for learning in the critical digital space to continue uninterrupted. 

“Providing access to a reliable and cost-efficient energy source puts Caribbean children at an advantage. Power is power in today’s world, where a digital divide is determining who succeeds and who may be left behind,” said Heidi Clarke, Executive Director of the Sandals Foundation.

Sandals Foundation

The Sandals Foundation is dedicated to providing access to quality education for all. (Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts)

“We celebrate and lean into our 15 years of work empowering Caribbean communities combined with a donor initiative bringing forward the power of a $15 donation to light up schools in a way that limits carbon footprints through renewable energy sources, Clarke added.”

Through this effort, the Sandals Foundation will raise the funds needed for the installation of solar panels on school buildings in under-resourced Caribbean communities. On average in the Caribbean, one kilowatt – the amount of electricity consumed in one hour – costs more than double the average price in North America. The installation of solar panels in schools will help combat these challenges. 

Kickstarting the campaign and in tribute to Caribbean Heritage Month, for every donation of US$15 or higher made to the Sandals Foundation during the month of June 2024, Sandals Resorts will donate US$15 to The Power of 15 project. Throughout the year, Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts guests can support the Sandals Foundation by engaging in programs like Pack for a Purpose, Reading Road Trips, sea turtle watching experiences and more, during their Caribbean vacations. 

The Heart and Soul of Sandals Resorts

Since its inception in 2009, the Sandals Foundation has been dedicated to empowering Caribbean people and communities, impacting more than 1.5 million lives across the Caribbean and embracing the help of 33,000 volunteers. All administrative costs of the Sandals Foundation are covered by Sandals Resorts International – allowing 100% of every dollar donated to go directly towards funding impactful initiatives under the Sandals Foundation’s three core pillars: Community, Education and the Environment. 

Adam Stewart

Adam Stewart (Photo Credit: PHOTO: courtoisie de Sandals Resorts International)

“It’s a proud moment as we celebrate the work of the Sandals Foundation and the direct impact on so many. The reality is that this work dates back long beyond 15 years, to when my father founded Sandals Resorts in 1981,” said Adam Stewart, Executive Chairman of SRI, and President and Founder of the Sandals Foundation.

“Long before philanthropy was considered fashionable, my dad tapped into the needs of our community and carried that torch because it was the right thing to do. He adopted local schools – from the provision of books to leaky roof repairs – he saved land crabs and so much more. It was just part of his DNA.

“Today, our commitment to education has never been stronger; it’s the empowering force that lifts communities, which is why we are so proud to make The Power of 15 the centerpiece of these 15th anniversary celebrations.”

Letting Positivity Shine Through: Sun Murals 

Reinforcing the empowerment anniversary theme, the Sandals Foundation has teamed up with local Caribbean artists to create Sun Murals, vibrant works of art designed to inspire people seeking power over their own lives. A gift to 13 Caribbean communities, the outdoor art installations emblazon walls with unique designs under a unifying glowing sun concept and will carry uplifting messages of hope such as gratitude, be the sunshine, unity, and love.

To learn more about the Sandals Foundation and the Power of 15, click here.

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