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‘Sets a new benchmark for sustainable living spaces’

Neoplants has drawn inspiration from evolutionary principles to develop a natural air filter that is 30 times more powerful than a typical houseplant. 

In an April 24 news release, the Paris-based company unveiled the Neo Px, a bioengineered system featuring a marble queen pothos plant that acts as a living air purifier. 

“We started Neoplants because we believe that the most powerful answer to many problems afflicting our environment has been in front of us all along,” Neoplants co-founder and CEO Lionel Mora said. “… The development of Neo Px is a huge catalyst for our mission.”

Air pollution might not be the most visible problem in some locations, but the World Health Organization notes that about 99% of the global population is breathing unhealthy air. However, as Neoplants noted, outdoor air quality isn’t the most glaring concern. 

The American Lung Association found that indoor air quality can be anywhere from two to 100 times worse than outdoor air quality. While people in the United States already spend 90% of their time inside, that can increase during extreme weather events such as wildfires, which have become more frequent as global temperatures rise. 

HEPA filters help people breathe easier by reducing pollution from particulate matter. However, according to the company, the Neo Px shines with its unique ability to filter volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs.

Benzene, toluene, and xylene are some of the most common VOCs, and Neoplants says its team of “world-class bioengineers” designed the Neo Px to handle cancer-linked benzene and the other toxic pollutants. 

“Some microorganisms, living in very polluted areas, have developed the ability to use these pollutants as a food source,” co-founder and CTO Patrick Torbey said in the release. “Neoplants’ scientists and engineers harnessed these beneficial microorganisms and increased their pollutant-degrading capacities through years of lab-assisted, directed evolution.”

In addition to ease of care, with the purifier’s self-watering shell only needing a refill every two to three weeks, the Neo Px may bring a bit of healing beauty to people’s homes. Multiple studies have shown that exposure to plants and green spaces provides a boost to mental health.  

The nature-based solution also doesn’t need to pull power from the grid, which could mean lower electric bills and reduced pollution from dirty fuels. Instead, the Neo Px fuels up on “Power Drops,” bioengineered bacteria mixed with soy protein isolate.

“Embracing Neo Px for indoor air purification not only highlights a significant leap in synthetic biology and environmental engineering but also sets a new benchmark for sustainable living spaces, marrying technological innovation with ecological harmony,” Neoplants explained. 

The company, founded in 2018, began shipping its Neo Px air purifiers April 29.

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‘Sets a new benchmark for sustainable living spaces’