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Shloof Weighted Body Pillow Makes Debut at Las Vegas Market 2024

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Shloof Weighted Body Pillow Makes Debut at Las Vegas Market 2024

Shloof reported that it will unveil the newest iteration of weighted sleep products at Las Vegas Winter Market 2024: the weighted body pillow. 


The Shloof weighted body pillow is a standard 52″x20″ body pillow with an internal layer of weighted beads to increase the pillow’s weight and structural integrity. The additional weight creates deep pressure stimulation when cuddled at night, which promotes the release of “feel good hormones” such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These hormones create feelings of comfort and relaxation, promoting more restful sleep. This is the same principle weighted blankets have been using for decades, but the weighted body pillow also allows the user to sleep on their side and properly align their spine at night, alleviating back pain. 


“I created the weighted body pillow because I could not find a sufficient sleep aid to help me fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night,” said Riley Jaye, Shloof’s Founder. “I’ve used body pillows my entire adult life to help with back pain, but traditionally they’re only filled with polyfill and there isn’t much substance to them. On the other hand, weighted blankets are very popular for restless sleepers like myself, but they trap a lot of heat at night and make me feel slightly claustrophobic. So, I decided to create my own pillow by combining the best elements of these two sleep products, and it has genuinely changed my life forever.” 




About Shloof

Based in San Diego, California, Shloof currently offers their weighted body pillow direct-to-consumers, with the intent of expanding into the B2B space in 2024. They offer one SKU, weighing 10.8lbs, but are in the process of expanding the line to include 8.8lbs and 12.8lbs, to accommodate more people’s individual needs. Shloof will be exhibiting in Booth #E-2121 at the Las Vegas Winter Market 2024, located within the Expo Center in the Home Section of the Temporaries. Their website is for orders and further information, and you can follow them on Instagram @shloofpillow or email [email protected] any inquiries.