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Stardew Valley: All Secret Furniture Locations

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  • Lost Book on Secret Furniture in Stardew Valley
  • Where to Find All Secret Furniture in Stardew Valley

Many players are unaware of the secret hints spread throughout Stardew Valley, with some including hidden clothing uses, Mayor Lewis’ infamous purple shorts, turning children into doves, and much more. Included in this bunch are a few hidden furniture pieces that look like strange character statues.

Discovering these items will require a bit of searching, as well as deciphering some lost books in the museum to unlock their location. Having these statues in your collection is a must, as it will add some flair to your farm and even make for the perfect fall decor. Here’s where you can find every secret furniture item.


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Lost Book on Secret Furniture in Stardew Valley

Image of the lost book note used to find some Secret Furniture in Stardew Valley

The first thing you’ll need to discover is a lost book that looks like unintelligible gibberish. It will look like the image above. While it might look like this note has no meaning, it actually gives a hint about where to find these secret items in Pelican Town.

For each line, take the first letter of each word to form the clue. It should look like this:

  • Super Cucumber – Town
  • Duck Mayo – Saloon
  • Strange Bun – Toybox

If you have not yet found this lost book, you can go looking for it by digging up artifact spots, picking up Fishing Treasure Chests, or digging up soil in The Mines and Skull Cavern. This specific lost book will not be in an exact location, so you’ll have to just keep searching until you find the correct one. It is also possible this book is already in your Museum collection, which you can check out by visiting the Museum.


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Where to Find All Secret Furniture in Stardew Valley

Image of a character standing between two buildings with some secret statues in Stardew Valley

In total, there are three secret furniture pieces to discover in Pelican Town. Each hint will vaguely tell you where the item is located and the item you’ll need to provide to get the piece of furniture in return. This section will break down exactly how to obtain each item.

Town Furniture Piece

The first piece of furniture will be found in a brown box in a small area of trees directly above the Blacksmith’s Shop. Head north from the mine cart location next to the Blacksmith’s Shop, and then take a left into the area full of trees. Towards the middle of the area, there will be a brown box in which you can place a Super Cucumber in. You’ll then receive the statue called ‘??HMTGF??’. If you don’t have a Super Cucumber in your inventory, you can catch one at the beach in either the Summer or Fall.

Saloon Furniture Piece

The next piece can be found within the Stardrop Saloon in the middle of town. Inside here, make a right, and then straight down a small passageway leading to a backroom. Here, there will be a small box hidden on the left. Place one Duck Mayonnaise in here, and you’ll receive the ‘??Pinky Lemon??’ statue. To get some Duck Mayonnaise, all you’ll need to do is make sure you have a Mayonnaise Machine and place one duck egg inside.

Toybox Furniture Piece

The last hidden statue can be found in Sam’s home, 1 Willow Lane. This house is found in the southern region of Pelican Town, just past Marnie’s Ranch. Inside the house, you’ll need to have access to Vincent’s bedroom, the one at the bottom. To enter his room, make sure you have at least two hearts with him.

In his room, you’ll need to place one Strange Bun in his toybox. You can get the recipe for Strange Bun from Shane after reaching seven hearts with him, or you can pick it up from Shadow Brute enemies in The Mines from Floor 80 and onward.

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