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Under-counter vs Built-In Wine Coolers: What’s The Difference?

When choosing the perfect wine cooler for your kitchen space, it may be difficult to choose between an under-counter wine cooler and a built-in wine cooler because although they seem similar, they also have their differences. Firstly, an under-counter wine cooler is a type of built-in wine cooler design that seamlessly fits under your kitchen counter, whereas a built-in wine cooler is part of your kitchen cabinet space. Therefore, to have a built-in wine cooler, you must ensure that you build space around your kitchen for it. Both types of wine coolers can be found on the web through online stores such as Bodega43 UK and are available in both single or dual temperature wine fridge styles.

What Is An Under-counter(Integrated) Wine Cooler?

An under-counter wine cooler that fits beneath a counter is designed to be installed into your cabinet space. Additionally, under-counter wine coolers are equipped similarly to under-counter refrigerators and freezers, which you may already be familiar with. Furthermore, under-counter wine coolers are considered built-in wine coolers since they are intended to be incorporated into the kitchen, especially beneath the counter. They typically have 50 cm in width and 82 cm in height. However, broader under-counter wine fridges with additional wine bottle storage are great if you have a medium or big wine collection. Since they keep your wine in the ideal location, under-counter wine coolers are quite useful. Simply grab a bottle of wine below the counter, set it on the counter, and start serving. Finally, you will save time and effort by doing this.

What Is A Built-In Wine Cooler?

Given that it rests on the floor, a built-in wine cooler is equivalent to a freestanding one. These units have fans directly below the unit and front-facing vents that draw in cold air and exhaust warm air from both sides of the vent. However, built-in wine coolers need between 0.25 cm and 0.5 cm on each border, depending on the size of the wine freezer. Because built-in units are available in various sizes to fit beneath most kitchen tops, they are frequently used as under-counter wine coolers. Additionally, bigger built-in wine coolers with over 200 wine bottles are available. Furthermore, a built-in wine cooler has a cabinet door that matches your other cabinetry and room decor and hides the cooler, which is a great alternative if you have room in your cabinets for an under-counter wine cooler of your choice.

What Is The Difference?

Similarly, an under-counter wine cooler and a built-in wine cooler both fit into your kitchen space. However, a built-in wine cooler stands on the floor like a freestanding one, whereas an under-counter wine cooler is completely integrated into your cabinet space. Additionally, Both varieties of wine coolers must comply with particular size restrictions. You must ensure that the cooler’s dimensions correspond to the size of the area where you intend to place it; you can’t just buy any size and hope for the best. Finally, an under-counter wine cooler is designed to fit into cabinet space, either next to your refrigerator or a countertop.

In contrast, built-in wine coolers are fitted under counters or within cabinets. Under-counter wine coolers are often more expensive than built-in wine coolers since more effort is required to fully incorporate the item into your house. Both are excellent choices, but an under-counter(integrated) wine cooler is your best bet if you want your kitchen to seem seamless. First, choose a built-in wine cooler if you wish to display it.