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Year in review: top 10 furniture launches of 2023

Wallpaper* design editor Rosa Bertoli selects her top 10 furniture launches of 2023, from a year packed with design weeks, fairs and events. From brand launches to new collaborations, from the outdoors to the religious, we highlight the colourful, the clever and the classic. Scroll down for the year’s best furniture debuts (in no particular order). 

Wallpaper’s top 10 furniture launches of 2023

01. Gabriel Tan’s modular furniture for Herman Miller is designed for interaction

Year in review: top 10 furniture launches of 2023

(Image credit: Courtesy Herman Miller)

The elegant, yet liveable aesthetic of the Singapore-born designer Gabriel Tan takes a new shape with a duet of furniture designs, created in partnership with Herman Miller. The ‘Luva’ modular sofa is named after the Portuguese word for ‘glove’, and the ‘Cyclade’ coffee tables is a series of three tables that pay homage to the supercontinent of Pangea, with island-like forms that come together or flow apart seamlessly. ‘When a design is successful, different people can read it in different ways,’ Tan says. ‘Depending on where you’re from, you can interpret and relate to these designs in a totally different way from somebody else across the world.’